Public Notice

The FY17 AL-501 CoC Application for the Homeless Coalition of the Alabama Gulf Coast is ready for submission to HUD.  Please click on the links below to review the application documents. Additional information on the FY17 CoC Program Competition may be found by clicking here.

  • 2017 CoC Application Primary application component detailing the current coordination, performance and planning of the CoC.
  • 2017 Project Priority Listing Illustrates the CoC’s Project Ranking, with the addition of the CoC Planning grant for the collaborative applicant, which represents the complete funding request for this year’s competition.

Please note: The publication of the CoC Application is for public information only. Public comment and inquiries regarding this application are welcome and may be considered by the CoC and/or the Collaborative Applicant in future planning, but will not be reflected in the 2017 CoC Application submission. Please submit all comments and inquiries to