Community Housing Program

The Community Housing Program provides Permanent Supportive Housing to individuals and families in Mobile and Baldwin counties who are experiencing homelessness and who have a disabling condition. This program assists participants in transitioning from homelessness to being housed, encourages clients to become self-sufficient, and gives them the tools to live as independently as possible.

The program has three basic goals as established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):
1. To help program participants obtain and remain in permanent housing.
2. To help participants increase skills and/or income in order to allow them to secure an income and live as independently as possible.
3. To help participants achieve a greater level of self-determination and gain the needed confidence to make the transition out of homelessness.

Supportive services provided to participants include, but are not limited to:
• Outreach
• Case management using Critical Time Intervention Model (CTI), including assessment of needs
• Referrals and assistance with coordinating substance abuse, psychiatric, and healthcare services.
• Transportation
• Education
• Life skills
• Brief counseling and crisis intervention
• Housing search assistance

The Community Housing Program is a “Scattered Site” program. Scattered Site programs lease individual apartment units in the community so they can place individuals or family participants into these units and charge them a small monthly rental fee based upon their income.

To find out more about the Community Housing Program or to see if you qualify for assistance contact Ed Aikens at or at 251.450.3345.